Rev. Verghese Mathew

Rev. Verghese Mathew, B.A., B.D.
Assistant Vicar

In the 1969-70’s there was an educated, affluent man in the small village of Narangonam, Kadammanitta of Pathanmthitta district. Not only had he his considerable wealth but was wealthy in and with the love of God, more. His worldly status did not shun or shy him away from doing the sweeping, cleaning, making ready the church for the services and also be the ‘all-in-all’ and preacher when the priest would not be available. Mr. M. G. Mathew (Madukkanakuzhiyil) and his wife Annamma transferred all these heritages to their only child, Manoj. Young Manoj grew up in awe watching his father humbly and happily doing these chores with dedication. And this young boy is he who we have here for our Assistant Vicar, Rev. Verghese Mathew – hard, soft and smiling. He Spent childhood and schooling in Kadammanita and Karamely, and graduated in Literature privately, acquired his computer literacy. He was active with the youth movement and was the Elanthoor District Youth Secretary and organizer during 1993-98. In 2000 – 2001 he was first called for church work as a free hand helper by the vicar of Tholassery.

In 2002 he became a theology candidate and did his probation at Mayadikkara. He obtained his B.D from Gurkul Lutheran Theological College and Research Institute, Chennai in 2006. As Deacon he was also vicar of St. Pauls CSI Church Neetattukavu during 2006 – 2010 (received his Presbyterian ordination in 2007) and since after has been with Ascension Church. His wife is Teny (Mrs. Mary Susan Verghese, M.A., B.Ed) and they have three tiny tots – two girls and a son.

Countless priests and bishops have walked the aisle and stood the pulpit of the Ascension church and addressed the congregation with countless versions of counsels but not one gave the Ascension church a slogan/vision for our own to be proud of; to be cared for; to be feared about; a sweet burden to bear for ever – ‘A CHURCH WITH A HEART’ – a great task towards society. Ascension website gladly embraces it. Hope the Committee and general body embrace it too, not an easy one as it appears to be.