Rev George Mathew

‘Softly smiling….. speakingly active …’  - another new Associate Vicar for AC

“Blessed is he that considereth the poor: the Lord will deliver him in time of trouble.(Psalm 41:1)” is the answer little George got from his father about his father’s habit of serving foods on the big family dining table inside the house for the workers in his field without any discrimination. That was 50 years ago! Such was the environment the Head Masters couple Mr. E. K Mathai (Edavettal, Kangazha) and Mrs. P. V. Mariam (Paradiyil, Mundiappally) provided for their children little George and his two brothers to grow – virtuously brought up. They would definitely be proud to see little George now.

George grew to fit inside the priest’s robe. Of course there were some uncertain times after his schooling from the St. John’s Baptist school, Nedumkunnam, but the hands of the virtues imbedded by his parents, his calling and God’s definite hand pulled him in into the Kannammoola Theological Seminary for B.D. He got ordained in 1994 and served in Kuzhikkala, Vechoochira, Sharjah, Muttambalam and Baker Hill Kottayam as vicars and also as the first Director of the Bishop Moore Vidyapith Cherthala before his Sharajh Presbyterian-ship. Achan was blessed with the great privilege of getting into the annals of the Madhya Kerala Diocesan history as the first resident vicar of the Baker Hill Chapel after it was opened for the public for regular services two years ago. He was able to raise its prime meager Sunday attendance to the current ‘House full’. ‘No Church Committee’ is the precedence he has successfully implemented there, a fully democratic approach most welcome and essentially apt for these times. His service there was commendable. With 21 years of priesthood to his credit he is now the Manager of the MKD buildings of the Baker Hill compound. Ascension church is his added responsibility.  He procured his Masters in Arts in Literature privately.

Wife is the jovial but serious Lovely, teacher at the CMC LPS, Pallam. Daughter of Late Mr. Kurian Ipe (Valavuchirakkal, Machukadu, Kottayam and Mrs Aleyamma Kurian), she has a sibling brother. Achan and Kochamma has three daughters Lida Mariam George (CA student), Ida Elizabeth George (Degree student) and Jinta Mariam George (Class 10 student).

“I am part of my surroundings. I cannot exist without them. They love me and give whatever are theirs to me, my and mine existence for free. I see The Creator in Mother Nature. He loves me through them. So I have to love Him and them back and help them exist as He exist me through them. This is my salvation.”  - He spoke (during interview) of his rather unique theme of life straight into my eyes, his eyes serious, lips half smiling but thorough, beard quivering in silent excitement, in the very dark, cloudy, cold, wet night at the Baker hill parsonage. The surroundings he means is more nature and ecosystem, humans included. From his talk he even seemed to be afraid to deliberately walk on grass for fear of hurting it. Achan expanded his love for nature and love for Jesus Christ from what St. Paul wrote in 1 Corinthians 3:9 “ For we are co-workers in God’s service; you are God’s field, God’s building.”  He has turned his parsonage backyard into a plentifully, surplus yielding vegetable garden. The dairy from his pen is the result of his hobbies taken seriously for the love of nature and fellow beings. – Introducing Rev. George Mathew our new Associate vicar, a very earthly man.

….and while I was getting into the car to return, late, the sounds of the nocturnal beings and surroundings of the parsonage seemed to conformingly chant: “He is right, He is right, Achan loves us right, Achan loves us right.”

I believe them.

Now The Almighty has given Ascension church the opportunity to witness and learn true Salvation – ‘love your around’ – in the form of an Associate Vicar.

‘God’s love’ resurrected.