Rev. Dr. M. P. Joseph

Rev. Dr. M.P. Joseph, B.Sc., B.D., M.Th., Th.M., Ph.D.

Kodukulanji has always been a treasure chest for the several CSI Dioceses for ardent church workers. Our vicar is another rare from this chest. Born to Late Mr. M. V. Pothen (Melemadathil) – a teacher and ‘gospel messenger’ on his own – and Mrs. Chinnamma Pothen, naturally the teaching and gospel work became part of his passions from childhood onwards. Drawn deeply into it, he cultivated himself to that goal. Planted in the fertile soil of Kodukulanji for Sunday school, choir and youth, for sure, he was destined on the right path to spreading the gospel. From the schools of Kodukulanji through Christian College Chengannur he trodded on to Kannammoola theological Seminary for his B.D and got ordained in 1980.

Further pursuit took him to United Theological College, Bangalore for his M.Th; Lutherenian School of Theology, Chicago for his Th.M; and Chicago Theological Seminary for his immaculate doctorate Ph.D. Immaculate because it took him seven years of hard work to prepare his thesis ‘Nonviolence: A way of colonial resistance – A study on the book of Daniel and Mahatma Gandhi.’ to become the second of the only two Ph.D ‘doctorate’ holders in active service of the Madhya Kerala Diocese. His previous carriers spanned through several remote village churches and a marathon teaching spree of seven years at the Kannammoola Theological seminary. He also led Madhya Kerala Youth Movement as General Secretary during 1988 – 1994. And now he is with us here with his wife Annamma (Jaimol – teacher of the High School of the Buchanan Institution, Pallam) and children Shalu, Christin and Blesson. Though he aims his gospel passion to whole of society, he has happily given his heart to his Assistant Vicar Manoj Achan’s vision for Ascension Church to make and keep it a ‘Church with a heart’.