Rev. Dn. Abraham G. Sathyanathan

Rev. Dn. Abraham G. Sathyanathan. B.Sc., B.D.
Chaplain & Second Asst. Vicar

About a century ago a Hindu from the Madathil Nair family near Kattambakkam converted to Christianity accepting the name ‘Sathyanath’. He might not have had the faintest idea that he was going to father a line of priests. His son Rev. George M. Sathyanathan is the father of our new Chaplain for Sevananilayam Rev. Dn. Abraham G. Sathyanathan. Aby at his young age did not actually give much importance to religion. Education took him through Bishop Moore college, Mavelikkara and  Marthoma College, Thiruvalla where he was the student union leader. Only when entered the campus of CMS College, Kottayam for his M.Sc physics post graduation did he realize that his potentials had the Christian calling. And he chooses well to follow his forefathers’ footsteps and instead of finishing his PG he joined the Union Biblical Seminary, Poone for another Bachelor degree, this time in Divinity. In between these studies he opted to be trainee at the St. John’s CSI church, Kattooor of Elanthoor pastorate and at Holy Trinity church, North Chengalam of the Olassa pastorate.  His ordination to Deaconship was on September 27, 2011. He had got married to Sini d/o Mrs. Annamma and Mr. Mathew V. J of Vengattoor family of Vaduvanchal, Vayannad while he was a student at the seminary and they have a two and half year old son Joel. Mrs. Sini is a Bachelor graduate in literature and has her DCPC in counseling. She was a staff of Union of Evangelical Studies in India.

Though Aby didn’t have much inclination to religious activities in his young ages naturally he would have fallen for missionary work because of his father Rev. George’s and mother Mrs. Emy’s ideologies. Mrs. Emy was a theology graduate and worked for CSSM and FEBA radio which is a Christian radio station. Of course Aby probably listened to this full volume radio too much that now he has become Rev. Dn. Abraham G. Sathyanathan. Thanks to God. We have a new chaplain for Sevananilayam. Hope he gets tuned well here too, at the Ascension.