[ This is will be the unique thing in the Ascension Website. The members of our congregation can use this page to write about general issues around them that might affect our church, community, state, country or the world. The fears, sentiments, the good, the bad and the ugly practices etc. In order for more members to participate in our web site, Malayalam texts are also welcome. Children can send in their small poems, short stories etc and teenagers can put in their 'feelings' too. In short we welcome any thing that would make our web more interesting and to bring our Ascension family more closely knit.

Suggestions for the betterment of the site are also very welcome.

How ever, no criticisms of personal nature or any thing that might hurt the feeling of others will be allowed. The editors reserve the right without any explanation to deny or edit the text submitted.

Mail your texts/materials to ]

Ascension Journals

  1. "Worthy Birthday" October 8, 2011 -Dilip Cherian, Pallath
  2. A tribute to the "The Crowning Mou." – Dilip Cherian Pallath (June, 2011)
  3. "Where is you ?" – Dilip Cherian Pallath (June 20, 2011)
  4. 'Be careful to die as an Indian Christian' - Dilip Cherian, Pallath
  5. Marriage Counseling. – Dilip Cherian , Pallath
  6. Harvest Twenty11 – Dilip Cherian , Pallath