Be careful to die as an Indian Christian


This is an issue that directly affected a member of our parish and that I think is of grave concern to our parish and diocese and to all Christians in India.


A middle aged mother died last month. Her husband had arrived for the funeral. All arrangements for the funeral were made including the grave in the newly constructed segment of the cathedral cemetery. But what awaited the dead body was a strong contingent of police. The government officials refused to have the body buried at the place assigned because of a court order. A new law had come into force that no dead body could be buried within 50 meters of human living area. Yes. We could not bury somebody in our cemetery that is about 2 centuries old!. In short, in future, Christians cannot buy property for burial. Then…. what will happen to ‘ the day of the coming of the Lord, those dead and buried will come out of their graves and shall be caught up in the clouds with the rest of us who are alive…’!!?


I think it is time we thought about this seriously and join hands with other Christian denominations to make understand the government of our beliefs and find a solution for this before it is too late. Already there is a law against religious converting. Is it that one by one our rights are taken off? If we are sleeping it is time that we woke up. The judgment day is coming.