Kottayam literally means the interior of a fort (Kotta +Akam). Thaliyilkotta was the centre of present Kottayam owing its commercial importance.   Kottayam district was previously a part of the State of Travancore.  At the time of integration of Travancore and Cochin in 1949, the erstwhile Kottayam Revenue Division was renamed as Kottayam District in July 1949.

CMS missionaries had already arrived prior to this in Kottayam in the year 1817 from the Church Missionary Society formed in London in April 1799. They associated their activities with Malankara Syrian Church. By 1836, the missionaries started independent activities severing from the Malankara Syrian Church. And in1839, the foundation for Holy Trinity Church, the present Cathedral church of Madhya Kerala Diocese was laid.  The church was consecrated on 6th July  1842 with Rev. Benjamin Bailey as the first vicar. Rev. Bailey was followed by Rev. Henry Baker (senior), Rev. J.Hawkswort, Rev.Richard Collins, Rev. J.M.Speechly and Rev.Henry Baker (junior). C.M.S missionaries did many meritorious services in the uplift of the downtrodden in the 19th century.

The Travancore Cochin Anglican Diocese was founded in 1879 with the first Bishop Rt. Rev.  J. M. Speechly, followed by Rt. Rev. E.N. Hodges in 1890.  Church developed great and much and by 1900 the number of members exceeded 2000.

The convenience of the members who lived in the eastern part of Kottayam required a chapel around Kanjikuzhy.  The wish was granted by the Diocesan Bishop Rt. Rev. E.N. Hodges and discussed with Therthanathu Punnen Judge. Accordingly in 1901 the Judge Punnen who had great visions donated 14 cents of land in between Kottayam and Kanjikuzhy on KK Road side.

In1905 general body of the Holy Trinity Church and its committee prepared plan and estimate and submitted before government for sanction.  It took a long time to get sanction from government.  Praise to God, on 5th march 1915 the then Diocesan Bishop Rt. Rev. C.H. Gill laid the foundation stone of the chapel.  The work of the chapel completed by May 1920 and was consecrated at 5 pm on 27 May 1920 by Bishop Rt. Rev C.H.Gill and named ‘Ascension Chapel ‘. The first service was conducted on 30th May 1920 by Rev. C.K. Jacob who later became the first South Indian Bishop of the Diocese. Further services were conducted under guidance of Holy Trinity Church Vicar.

The members of the first church committe  constituted (1938-1941) were Mr. T. M. Korah, Dr. J. J. Chandy(church warden), Dr. K. I. Varghese, Mr. T. P. Cherian,  Mr. Cherian.K.Varghese, Mr. K. K. Abraham, Mr. Korah Philip.

Kanjikuzhy became a parish in January 1930.  And later on Muttambalam and Manganam churches were added to Kanjikuzhy  parish as well.

The church had only 14 cents of land.  Another 10 cents of land was purchased from the government.  The amount was paid, another great gesture, by the sons of the Punnen Judge. Thus the church was expanded and remodeled. The construction of parsonage was completed in 1940.  Mooledom church was added to Kanjikuzhy parish in 1941. In 1945 another great donation from the Therthanathu family of fifty cents of land was made by Jacob Punnen Therthanathu for the parish hall.

Consequent on India becomes independent on 15th August 1947; the Church of South India was formed in September 1947.  The Travancore Cochin Anglican Diocese became Madhya Kerala Diocese of CSI and Kanjikuzhy became a parish of the same. Muttambalam  and  Mooledom became separate parishes subsequently. The foundation of parish hall was laid on 25th July 1950 and was inaugurated by CSI moderator Rt. Rev. Michel Hollis on 21st April 1951.  On 13th may 1999 parish hall demolished since old and outdated and foundation stone for new parish hall cum shopping complex laid by the then Bishop Rt. Rev. Sam Mathew. Now church yard is beautified by paving pre-compressed tiles and with attractive roofing.

Let us be thankful to The Lord for all these blessings.