Harvest Twenty11


The sun of Sunday the 9th, and me saw the day waking up cloudy and moody. And when I took my wife’s little harvest to the complex early in the morning, the ‘auction store’ was gloomy too. There were only a few things in the ‘auction store’. In my teen times things would have started arriving or got collected a week prior.


By 10.00am the place was very lively and active. The big, medium, small, padres were happily shouting away ‘one time, two time, three time, sold’ with more vigor from the stage than from the pulpit. Oh yes, there were enough and more stuff for all present to yell for, considering the facts that at these present times the houses have just enough space for the house alone with no yard and or most of us and our women do little cultivation or we don’t know anything about it or don’t have the time for it or are lazy or that the labor is high or that the beasts and insects are smarter than us. Any way the auction floor was cramped with pots and pans and plants, veggies, cakes, handicrafts, wine-crafts, juice-crafts, stitch-crafts etc etc and of course the easy last minute ‘shop lifts’.(psssst…May be it is our thinking that if we gave; God will replenish us in plenty or if we don’t/didn’t He will not replenish or will take away what we already have. he hee..)


At the entrance the youth were minting money luring the children with their rings and on the other side the WF ladies from their frying pans and on opposite side Kunjumon from his coffee vendor and some smart little ones pushing lucky coupons all over. Yes. The Ascension was together family again. And lunch was hearty and happy.


But it remains to be seen whether our dear treasurer will fret and fume or glee and glow when he closes his cash book. My best guess? Former. His BP will go up and that is sad.


The afternoon session was aggressive. The shows started off with Usha Uthup’s fabulous kitchen orchestra with our moms from the women’s fellowship participating. Our dear first lady stole the show. What followed was an out pour of talents. I think that since we cut down the trees and changed the seasons, God decided He would cultivate talents instead of vegetables. He definitely did it at the Ascension and that is what I found there – God blessed talents of all kinds and kindred.