Rev. Thomas K Oommen – Bishop Elect

CSI Synod has declared the next bishop-to-be of the CSI Madhya Kerala Diocese and Ascension church has come up with one more bishopric for the Diocese – Rev. Thomas K. Oommen. Following late Bishop Rt. Rev. Dr. M. M. John, the first one to be ordained in 1958 as bishop while being the vicar of our parish, Rev. Thomas K. Oommen is the second. This is another blessing of the Ascension church. Of the six Keralite bishops so far ordained, the other four also in the past served as our parish priests in five-year tenures – a rare privilege.

Rev. Oommen at present is the Pastoral Board secretary of the Diocese, CSI Synod Exe. Comm. Member, Synod Theological Committee member.

Born to Thalavadi Kanjirappallil late K. C. Oommen and Mariamma in 1953 Nov 29, Rev. Oommen got his theological degree from Serampur University and his postgraduate degree from Poone Union Biblical Seminary and had his further studies in New York Theological Seminary under Norman Gotwald. Dr. Susan from Nedungdappaly Chavanikkamannil family, his wife, who is also into religious works, is a doctorate lecturer in Theology. Sony and Santeena, are their children and Asha and Dr. Jeen children-in-laws.

Rev. Thomas K. Oommen is one person who values the value of time and uses it to the very extent. Moreover, his, this attitude has had its merits and demerits. He uses all the time he gets or he puts more things into the only time he has, that his day ends up insufficiently. He is even very reserved talking to his parish members to save time and do not waste time talking unnecessary matters like most other priests. He does not sweet talk and does not like to be sweet-talked. Always matter of fact, and to the point, his quick, logical decisions would seem harsh to many and they are often misunderstood and viewed with contempt and has bought him many frowns. However, he would be the least bothered! But, this quality works to his advantage at the negotiation tables he is around. His opponents find it hard to tackle him. A good quality needed for a bishop. Add to this his virtues; his true zeal for spreading gospel through setting up new churches; his courage to work in very adverse environments of labour populated areas, slums and even fanatic war groups; his experiences with international organizations like Bible Society and KASA; home organizations like Kerala Christian council, liquor prohibition, Communion of churches etc,- indeed, he has all the ‘material’ needed to become a successful bishop.

If the diocese demands all or more than of talents of his, it would be because the diocese is thirsting, thirsting to rejuvenate. He had better carry in a non-drying magic water vessel.