Inshah Allah.

One year has passed quickly and silently since Ascension Church web site was launched on last year’s Family Sunday. We, the very few people at the studio are happy that we have crossed the first milestone and did what we could do, rather satisfactorily. Thanks to God.

But are we happy? No. We are not. Because we believe this site could perform much better or could have been better if we had more participation. The success of any media like this depends on the public and their cooperation. We agree we are amateurs, but we have tried our best to build this site to one with great potentials and possibilities to be a great one. How best? We don’t know because none of our dears from the parish or ‘the concerned’ has bothered to give us any feedback of any sort. We are short of this from all sectors either in the form of criticism or any sort of material contribution. The site was/is open to all to participate and is formatted to include any thing and practically everything worth publishing even in Malayalam; from articles, poems, stories, journals, recipes, cartoons, drawings to obituary, birthday, and wedding photos. If anybody tells us that none of our parish members has not got any of these, it is hard to believe. In this new edition we have introduced a few more sections we hope will interest you.

We are grateful to Mr. Dilip Cherian for providing us with his journals when there was practically nothing to publish. But his words “I feel awkward. There is nothing there other than my journals. I feel kind of ridiculed” when we approached him for a new one was touching. We understand his feelings. Any sensible person would feel that way. So unless our readers also contribute, we do not know where this will end up. We are really worried.

Our heartfelt thanks to the young energetic, dedicated Mr. Balu Parapuram who has taken great effort amidst his hectic career to keep this website alive and give a new look for it on its first anniversary.

Any sort of wish is something anybody would like to hear. It seems everybody has forgotten ‘us few’ on this Birthday of ours. Was it wrong to expect at least a mention about the site during the ‘Family Sunday’ service which was also our birthday? We think not, any way it did not happen.  Sad to say, we had this feeling that our parish might not remember us on the auspicious day, so in the morning ‘we the few’ had wished ourselves and each other:

        “Happy Anniversary and…

         Inshah Allah…. many returns of the day?”…… Who knows!