Church Choir

The Ascension church made its big kick off singing with feather in the cap in 1927 on the small baby organ of Late Dr. K. A. Verghese with small of group of singers under the leadership of Mr. J. C. Ittyavirah, Dr. K. A. Verghese and Mr. Cherian Verghese when they sang the choir into history by singing the first carol of Kerala.  Though small group they sang big.

Then came a string of organists, all very devoted, – Dr. A. V. George, Mr. Jim John Pattasseril, Mr. C. E. Joseph, Miss. Sarasu Chandy, Mr. John Thomas Mullamangalam paving the way for numerous amazing choristers to follow. It was the golden era of choir when Rev. C. I. Abraham and organist Jim Pattasseril teamed up. The makers of our present choir were Mr. T. N. George Benjamin as choir master and Mr. Joseph T. Thomas as organist cum trainer. They molded the choir more than half century and their disciples are now spread all over the nooks and corners of the world.

Two of their disciples Mr. Boney Kurian and Mr. Shibu Thomas are now in charge as choir master and chief organist. The choir is now 130 strong. Rev. Sugu John Chandy during his tenure as vicar made the choir virtually 100% musically ‘literate’.  So, Thank God, now we have even ‘tiny tots’ as organists, a great achievement not many other choirs have.

Looking back 84 years, the church can loudly proudly sing: “All hail the pow’r of Jesus….” and “Praise Him! Praise Him!…”